Welcoming New Members – by George Zombakis

imageAs the Society approaches its 40th anniversary, we are very much a growing and thriving organization. Each year we continue to attract numerous new members, and look forward to them becoming active participants. To this end, in 2013, the HPST Board reinstated the annual new member’s get-together to make everyone feel welcome. On May 4th, Katerina Kontogeorgaki and Dimitri Varvarezos opened their home to the Board and the new members Soula and Manolis Koukatsikas, Nicolas and Elvira Tsesmetzi, Sarados and Despina Miliou, George Apostolakis, Kriton and Nicoletta Theodoridi, Costa and Deena Metaxas, Maria Polakis and Elias Psyllos, and Maria Anyfanti. Before we enjoyed the festivities, Lena Patsidou gave an overview of the unique qualities that distinguish the Hellenic Professional Society and the various activities that we organize each season. Everyone present introduced themselves, including where they came from, their profession and their interests.  We were pleasantly surprised that a lengthy conversation followed as the new members made several suggestions for future events. Thank you to everyone that contributed to making the new member’s get-together a success. We welcome their fresh ideas and willingness to jump in and contribute to the Society. This is what keeps us strong, fiscally responsible and relevant. The HPST is very fortunate to have members with a multitude of special talents, and we anticipate showcasing them in the next season.

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2 Responses to Welcoming New Members – by George Zombakis

  1. Nikolakis says:

    I would like to become a student member of the Society, especially after the great honor of the HPST Scholarship being bestowed upon me this year. Is there anything else I need to do other than mailing in the application from the website?

    Nikolaos Vergos


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