The Hellenic Professional Society & the Use of Social Media – by George Zombakis

Since our inception in 1975, the Hellenic Professional Society of Texas has actively organized and sponsored activities that promote Greek language, culture and the spirit of Hellenism to the Houston community. We facilitate fellowship and cooperation between professionals of Greek heritage and encourage the pursuit of higher education among people of Greek descent. Once upon a time, communications were limited to post office mailings. Now, with the rise of social media, we have an exciting new opportunity to expand upon our mission to reach a broader audience of Greeks & non-Greeks alike and promote all that we have to offer. The general public discovers, reads and shares news items through social media resources such as Facebook, Linkedin and blogs. Social media has become a part of everyday life and plays an important role in how we get news, updates and daily interaction. We must be strong participants in this arena to grow and continue to prosper in the future. What can we do to spread the news about the high caliber events that we organize and guarantee that this information is received in a timely manner? How can the Society membership participate in making announcements about cultural activities or professional topics that are of general interest? The answer is social media! Having a viable presence on the internet shows everyone who we are and enables others to find us whether it be students looking for scholarship opportunities or new arrivals to Houston searching for the Greek community. I encourage the Society membership to use the numerous ways we have to communicate, and forward announcements about our upcoming activities. Be sure to visit each of the links listed below, and join them if you have not already done so. Social media is here to stay, so let’s use it to our advantage.




HPST page:!/groups/129383003747558/

HPST Book Club page:

Greek Theatre Houston:

HPST Website

Youtube (Documenting HPST Events)





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3 Responses to The Hellenic Professional Society & the Use of Social Media – by George Zombakis

  1. hpstblog1974 says:

    While reviewing this article by George Zombakis, I started thinking about the term “social media” and whether it should be treated as a singular or plural word. This is the guidance I found on Internet: “…whether you treat social media as a singular or plural depends on how you are using it. If you’re referring to a number of channels, then make it plural. But if you’re referring to the phenomenon that’s arisen because of them, singular is increasingly the way to go!”


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