Greek Maritime Community of Metropolitan Houston – by George Argyros

The continuing growth of the city has been accompanied by a parallel growth in the volume of shipping. The opening of the Houston Ship Channel in 1914, bringing deep sea ships to the port of Houston, gradually attracted Greek mariners to settle here.

Since the post war period, a steady and lawful migration of skilled seafarers and shore-based personnel arrived. And more maritime personnel are anticipated with the official opening of the enlarged Panama Canal next year, which is expected to significantly increase port traffic.

The Greek Consulate employs a Hellenic Coast Guard Maritime Attache, Commander Spyros Evangelides, to assist the increasing number of Greek flag ships berthing in Houston.  The community includes representatives of Greek Shipping Companies headquartered in Greece. It also includes employees of domestic and foreign shipping companies with branch offices in Houston, independent marine contractors, ship suppliers, marine consultants and repair contractors. In the past, Greek entrepreneurs have even attempted to purchase shipyards in the United States, although so far as is known, none yet have materialized.

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