“Going to College?” – by Daphne Kokkinis

image1On the 8th of November, the Hellenic Professional Society of Texas hosted an event for high school and college students. The event was well attended and well received by all who came.

The panel shared their personal experiences with the audience and gave constructive advice in an effort to guide the young people as they set out for college. The event moderator, Dr. Michael Nikolaou, emphasized that one needs to select a field or career based on three key qualities: what one likes to do, what one is good at, and finally what the money earning potential is. They talked about professional areas that are just developing and will be easy to find positions in. Such areas include health, energy, and working with the environment or the internet. Dr. Zouridakis talked about his professional journey, how he ended up in Houston, and the new advances in his area of expertise. He pointed out that there are a lot of opportunities available, if the students actively look for them. Dr. Andrea Caracostis talked about the Hope Clinic and the need for physicians in the years to come as the American population is growing, both in age and size. She also encouraged anyone who is interested in volunteering at the clinic to contact her. Dr. Dimitra Georgiou talked about her work in Baylor College of Medicine and invited the students to visit the lab in order to gain a better understanding.

The student panel consisted of Dimitri Nikolaou, Yanni Economou, Heleni Koukatsika and Efi Tsouko. They talked about their student life at their respective colleges and their reasons for choosing their colleges and majors. From the audience, Mr. Harry Simeonidis kindly offered internships in his company.

Finally, everyone had an opportunity to ask questions during the event while enjoying the delicious food provided by the event organizers – Gina Liapis, Maria Gasi and Smaro Kokkinis.

The scope of the meeting was apparently broad, but participants hope that similar events will follow in order to discuss specific issues separately. Hopefully, different speakers from the community will be willing to offer their advice and expertise to the students, creating a network for support and guidance.

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