HPST Board Visiting with UT/Austin Students – by Kostas Belivanis

ΧSnapseedίλια καλώς ορίσατε φίλοι και εδικοί μας,
κι αν είναι το σπίτι μας μικρό, πάνω στη κεφαλή μας…

Saturday November 15, 2014, Austin, Texas.

Brunch time. The freezing temperature made the (already limited) table availability for any brunch party in Austin almost impossible. The fact that the meeting was scheduled towards the end of the semester made any plan involving students to seem impossible. Despite the above conditions, 12 Greek students of The University of Texas at Austin met with three representatives of the Hellenic Professional Society of Texas!

During this meeting we had the opportunity to initiate a more direct interaction with the Society. In addition, we had the chance to express our concerns and considerations upon establishing ourselves in the US, both in the short and the long term. A fruit of the discussion that followed was the agreement on creating mentor/liaison links between the groups to help in various ways, from decision making to exploring career opportunities, especially for graduating students.

Last but not least, our association is committed to actively participating in the events held by HPST in Houston as well as in providing the link for Greek students who want pursue graduate or undergraduate studies in the state of Texas. At this point, as the representative of our association, I would like to thank HPST for actively opening those channels of communication and for replying to any of our concerns. Closing this brief article, I would like to express my wish for the continuation of those efforts with a mantinada (μαντινάδα) from my island, Crete:

Ποτέ σου να μη λησμονάς τους τόπους που σ’ ορίζα(ν),
δεν έχει αξία το δεντρό άμα δεν έχει ρίζα…

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