Christmas with HPST – by Lena Patsidou

IMG_1048Every year, when I start decorating my home for the holidays, the first ornament I always put up is the Christmas Carols ornament from the 1994 HPST party! And then, there are more: other ornaments, coffee mugs, a book with carols, a book with Christmas traditions and memories, all favors from the HPST Christmas celebrations. What great memories of pleasant evenings, caroling, good food and holiday spirit! Anna Mavromatis established this tradition by putting together the book with the Christmas carols first for the 1992 party. You will recognize these objects in the posted pictures… I have seen them in prominent places in other Greek homes in Houston, as well! Feel free to post your own images, if you like!

The Christmas party is a staple of the HPST annual program. We are indebted to those families who open their homes to the Society and keep this tradition alive time after time. This year, the party was hosted by Stella Korre and Akis Souvaliotis, who provided their beautiful home for our holiday gathering. It was great to see so many members, new and old, getting to know each other better, and celebrating together! A big “thank you” to the Board for helping with all the events details, and of course to our hosts, Stella, Aki and Jason for their hospitality! May we all celebrate together for many years to come, always in good spirit!

In closing, I would like to take the opportunity here and wish you, on behalf of the board, a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2015. May the New Year be better for all of us and our families, here and in Greece!





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1 Response to Christmas with HPST – by Lena Patsidou

  1. Happy new year, prosperity, progress and health for all !
    Χρονια Πολλα, Καλη Χρονια, Ευημερια, Προοδο και Υγεια σε ολους !

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