HPST@Forty: The 40-yr Celebration – by Lena Patsidou


On Sunday, April 26, 2015, the Society celebrated its forty-year anniversary. The Board decided to mark this occasion with a casual celebration, to allow old friends and new members to mingle, share stories and get to know each other better. Present were more than a hundred guests, including five of the HPST founders: George Blytas, George Kalfoglou, John Vogiatzis, Gus Michalopoulos and Pericles Ktonas. Mr. George Papanikolaou, the General Consul of Greece to Houston, also honored us with his presence.

The surprise of the evening was the unveiling of the HPST Compania, which brought together older and younger members of our community: George Vroulis, Michael Nikolaou, Dimitris Varvarezos, Konstantinos Varvarezos, Jason Souvaliotis and Paschalis Economou. They put a program together with older popular Greek songs that everybody in the audience knew and sang along! Big thanks to the musicians who put countless hours in rehearsing! As a mother who hosted some of these rehearsals, it was great to see them all working together, learning from each other, and enjoying the experience…

Many people volunteered for the organization of such a big event. We are indebted to everybody who contributed time or ideas, and more specifically:

  • Costa and Deena Metaxas and Margo Kalfoglou for putting together the menu and dealing with all the details of the food selections, communication with caterers, preparation and serving. The food was delicious! Thank you also to Stella Korre and Akis Souvaliotis whose help in the kitchen was invaluable. I would like to acknowledge here the donation of cheesepies by Mrs. Efie Besiris, a newcomer to Houston who is setting up a catering business.
  • Deborah Flores for her help in many aspects of the event organization, including the purchase of the mugs, and organizing and manning the bar. We also thank her for donating the drinks!
  • Stergio and Gina Liapi for putting together the game with the old pictures. This kept many of us entertained for a long time, especially our younger guests who took it upon themselves to figure out who is who! Congratulations to the winners: 1. Vera Fotopoulos, 2. Tatiana Zakolikou 3. Despina Georgiadi 4. Mary Mikos.
  • Some others put a lot of hours in committee meetings, communications and dealing with all last minute details. Thank you to Lena Beyko and Katerina Kontogeorgaki.

Pictures have been posted to the HPST facebook page and show the good mood, and the celebration spirit. Thank you to Sarados Milios for the pictures, and to Anna Mavromati for the pictures and the artwork.


Our wish is for the Society to grow, continue to present and celebrate our Greek heritage, and foster long term relationships.

«Να μας έχει ο Θεός γερούς, πάντα ν΄ανταμώνουμε και να ξεφαντώνουμε..» (Δ. Σαββόπουλος)

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