Getting to know Houston and the HPST – by Lena Patsidou

12244731_1720580108173831_4761802167532138367_oWhere would you see a bar sharing space with an in-house tailor? Or a former prison with windows overlooking a beautiful skyline? Or the hotel where President Kennedy had his last meal before heading to Dallas in November of 1963? We saw all these places in downtown Houston! We also heard wonderful anecdotes about our hometown by a knowledgeable guide who lead us through the downtown streets in a beautiful November day. The tour was organized by HPST in the framework of a “Getting to know Houston” program, aiming at welcoming its new members to the organization and their new home. It was a great opportunity for older and newer members of different ages and backgrounds to mingle and get to know each other during the walk and the lunch that followed at the Market Square Niko-Niko’s.

Houston is growing, and along with it, the Greek Community of Houston. Only in the last two months, the Society welcomed 12 new members, which is a trend we have observed over the last few years. With this growth in mind, the Board has planned events to help our new members acclimate to their new home.

The next event in the “Getting to know Houston” program is a scavenger hunt at the Museum of Fine Arts (MFAH). HPST member, Dr. Anna Tahinci, Head of Art History at the Glassell School of Art, has selected a few pieces of art at the MFAH related to Greece and the Greek history. We will organize a day at the museum where our members can participate in this family-friendly activity. Stay tuned for related updates.

For now, we wish you and your loved ones Merry Christmas. Enjoy the New Year in good health and joy.

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1 Response to Getting to know Houston and the HPST – by Lena Patsidou

  1. Alexander Gabriles/Gavrilis says:

    was a very interesting and worthwhile tour. Great guide with excellent knowledge about the city and its history. Very enjoyable day. Alex

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