Remembering Dionissis (Dennis) Minetos – by Petro Yuanidis

img_0044We lost a very special friend this week… Dionissis (Denis) Minetos. His untimely departure was a shock to all of us who knew him. It is difficult to part with such a dear friend whom I have known for more than thirty years. He was a person with a positive disposition, full of kindness, expressed in his ever-smiling face. Dionissis and Valarie were part of our small circle of friends. We have plenty of memories of spending time together, celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, partying, going camping, and playing soccer and basketball, among many other things. I used to at times affectionately call him “Dennis the menace” because of his passion and competitiveness at basketball, soccer, backgammon and pictionary (his drawings were legendary, causing us to die of laughter!…). 

Dionissis was not only an engineer by education, but also possessed superior technical, haimg_1451nds-on skills. If he himself could fix something (which was pretty much always the case) there would be no need for a handyman or an auto mechanic. Friends sought his advice, assistance and guidance and he was always more than happy to offer it. Among all things, however, I consider his greatest achievement his dedication to his two fine sons, Maki and Yanni. He and Valarie put all their efforts into those kids, who have grown up to become excellent young men. I have no doubt that they will make him proud.img_3907

Farewell dear good friend… Those of us who have been privileged to know you will always remember you with love…

With his infectious smile etched in our minds, I invite those of you who knew him to share just a few words in his memory…

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1 Response to Remembering Dionissis (Dennis) Minetos – by Petro Yuanidis

  1. It’s surreal that within a span of two weeks another note numbingly starting with “Remembering…” has been posted on this blog again.

    There is no better way to capture the irony and shock than by Dennis’ own famous muttering, after a hopelessly missed shot that would follow one of his legendary moves on our favorite basketball court:


    Dennis was a valued and loyal friend to many of us. It would take no effort to crack a good laugh out of him, as he was always in a good mood with friends – even when circumstances warranted anything but. Genuine and sincere, he was a reliable and prolific unconventional source of joy and optimism, exemplary in all ways that mattered to his family and friends.

    Fashionably late in our joint functions at times, yet always reliable to cheer everyone up on his arrival, he took us all by surprise last week, and left a void with his sudden and early – way too early – exit move…

    So long, Dennis, and keep that smile…

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