Book Club or TV-Series Club? – by Lena Patsidou

the-durrells-a“Other countries may offer you discoveries in manners or lore or landscape. Greece offers you something harder – the discovery of yourself”, Lawrence Durrell in “Prospero’s Cell”

This fall, set your DVRs to record “The Durrells in Corfu” on Sundays, Oct 16-Nov 20 at 7pm on the PBS series MASTERPIECE (Channel 8). And then, come to the HPST Book Club to share your impressions and discuss the series and the books of Lawrence and Gerald Durrell.

The series depicts Louisa Durrell and her four headstrong children, ages 11 to 21, who arrive penniless on the Greek island of Corfu in 1935. They soon fall in with the locals and a menagerie of animals. The series is an adaptation of Gerald Durrell’s “My Family and Other Animals” book and its two sequels (“A Zoo in my Luggage” and “Birds, Beasts and Relatives”). The older brother, Lawrence Durrell, known in the literary circles for his famous “Alexandrian Quartet”, wrote also his account of their Greek life in the “Prospero’s Cell”.

The proposed books for the next book club are:

  • “My Family and Other Animals”, by Gerald Durrell
  • “Prospero’s Cell”, by Lawrence Durrell

In addition to the book stories and their literary value, we will discuss general topics, such as:

  • How do the authors depict Greece, in general? Are they approaching their new home with love, curiosity, interest? Have you read other travel memoirs about Greece? How do other authors describe their encounter with Greece? Which such book(s) have you enjoyed?
  • Did you enjoy the mini series? How would you compare it to the books, if you read them? In general, how do you feel about adaptations of books to movies or TV series? Do you remember notable examples in the Greek or American TV?

Looking forward to have a good discussion. Details on the date of the meeting will be posted later. For now, keep on reading!

Further Reading

durrells-home   kerkyra-2011-062 kerkyra-2011-056

Pictures from the Durrells’ rented house in “Kalami”


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2 Responses to Book Club or TV-Series Club? – by Lena Patsidou

  1. Constantine Metaxas says:

    Looking forward to it.


    • demetrios kazakos says:

      Dear Friends: I found the excellent book of the famous economist James K.Galbraith: WELCOME TO THE POISONED CHALICE. It is a detailed account of the ill fated negotiations of the Greek Government with the European Union (ie: Germany).
      OR: How the evil genius of Dr.Sheuble overcomes the stylish genius of Varoufakis.!!!
      I propose we adopt it for a future reading. Demetrios Kazakos


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