Kid’s Greek Book Club – by Alexandra Simotas and Costas Bokis


20160925_141111Is there anything better for children than spending a couple of hours on a rainy Sunday afternoon at a bookstore reading (or being read to) books? Yes, there is: GREEK BOOKS! HPST launched the Kid’s Greek Book Club, which will be held on a monthly basis at local area bookstores or volunteers’ homes. The purpose of this book club activity is for the kids to be immersed in the Greek language by a series of well-chosen activities:

  • Carefully listening to the book reading
  • Seeing the visuals (posters, picture cards) that help them make connections to the story and enrich their Greek vocabulary
  • Participating in age-appropriate exercises like drawing and coloring, reading and writing, to answer questions related to the story, which enhance their reading comprehension and encourage their creativity
  • Taking turns to present their work speaking Greek
  • Last, but not least, having fun!

img_1388Our session got off to a great start! Nearly two dozen children attended our very first reading at Barnes and Noble. Our reader, Dr. Elena Papadopoulou went far and above the call of duty, creating unforgettable posters and illustrations of two well-chosen Greek children’s books read in Greek. This was followed by creative exercises, a chance for kids to present their work, and snacks! The parents also got a chance to meet and socialize.

Yes, you guessed it, this is more than just a Book Club! It is a wonderful way of engaging our kids in the Greek language while keeping it fun and entertaining!

Thank you to all who volunteered and made this event a huge success!

Further Reading:

A large variety of children’s books in the Greek language from many publishers are available on for purchase in the United States.

Also, the Hellenic Book Club by Livanis Publishing Organization has a large list of modern Greek children books; a catalogue can be obtained by emailing to

The well-known author of children Greek books Lida Varvarousi (Λήδα Βαρβαρούση) reads some of her books on youtube, including the book that was read in our first Book Club session (‘Ενα φίδι τρομερό):

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1 Response to Kid’s Greek Book Club – by Alexandra Simotas and Costas Bokis

  1. Constantine Metaxas says:

    Nothing beats learning the Greek language through actual reading of stories. Great job!


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