HPST General Assembly and Potluck Evening, 18 September 2016 – by Costas Metaxas

boardHaving the opportunity to be present in the September 18th general assembly at the Lakes of Parkway Clubhouse, was a pleasant change of pace in a summer marred with the sad news of two of our HPST  members passing away. A lot of new, young people participated together with many of the HPST members (including one of our Society’s founders: Dr. George Kalfoglou) to open the 42nd year of activities of our society. We had the opportunity to welcome the new Consul of Greece, Mr. Ioannis Stamatekos, who gave a brief overview of his vision of the cooperation between the Consulate and the Greek societies in the Houston area and beyond. People from as far as College Station came to participate and, as it turns out, being eager to start a new effort to be part of the events at HPST. And of course, the open, joyful discussions after the general assembly, as everyone shared some great food and drinks during the traditional potluck.The HPST Board presented an interesting plan of events for the next year. Some of the events include: an encore of the very successful guided tour around Houston, a monthly kids book club, a new twist in the established book club event, the possibility of a theatrical play, a concerted effort to bring first class Greek movies to the area from the recent New York City Film Festival.


All the HPST-sponsored activities have one common ingredient: to encourage all to participate and add their individual flavor to them. Already there are events in stages of planning: a social meeting event for young people (both in age and at heart) for October at the Boheme bar. Also, a plan was proposed to pair up new people with mentors, who may help them with information about the area, schools and functions, so that they can get settled with the least disruption. Other activities coming up include the traditional Christmas Party, a potential January outing to watch the Rockets and the February Scholarship Dinner. All these need everybody’s help to plan and run. We are looking forward to everyone’s participation and help. That’s the way our society is successful.

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