ApolloDelphiThe Hellenic Professional Society of Texas (HPST) is a non-profit organization with the following goals:

  • To organize and sponsor social, cultural, educational, scientific, technical, and humanitarian activities with emphasis on Greek culture.
  • To encourage and promote the pursuit of education among people of Greek descent throughout the United States.
  • To facilitate cooperation between professionals of Greek descent throughout the world.
  • To promote Greek language and culture to interested groups at the local, state, and national level.

The Society was founded in Houston in 1975 by George Blytas, George Kalfoglou, Tassos Karabelas, Anthony Kouzounis, Periklis Ktonas, Gus Michalopoulos, Alkiviades Payatakes, and John Vogiatzis, who were inspired by the desire to preserve the rich culture and heritage of Greece and the spirit of Hellenism in their new country.

During the past thirty nine years, HPST has pursued its goals with vigor and enthusiasm. We have organized and sponsored activities spanning many and diverse areas of interest such as: musical performances, theatrical performances, film festivals, concerts, folk dancing shows, scientific lectures, archeological presentations, scholarship programs, formal and informal get-togethers, poetry evenings, etc.; we have also organized and participated in a multitude of philanthropic events and activities  –  For more information check out our ‘History’ page.

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  1. Greetings.

    I’m a student of Homeric Greek, on a long personal odyssey to learn enough Greek to appreciate reading Homer’s Odyssey in Greek with some level of appreciation.

    You might appreciate some of the content of my imagessays.com website (see ΟΔΥΣΣΕΙΑ webpage).

    I’d like to hear from you.

    Jim Boogaerts


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