Since its inception, HPST has hosted numerous presentations, lectures and performances. Listed below are a few of the most significant ones.

Lectures on Arts, Sciences and Technology

    • “Your Heart and Open Heart Surgery,” by Dr D. Boulafendis, MD (1980).
    • Art historian Diane Gode, Southern Methodist University, spoke on “Conserving the Splendors of Greece – The American Connection” (1982).
    • Journalist and author Nicolas Gage, spoke about his novel “Eleni (1983).
    • British journalist Christopher Hitchens, spoke about his book “Cyprus” (1984).
    • Professor Charles Moskos, presented his book “Greek Americans: Struggle and Success” (1990).
    • Nobel Prize nominee Dimitris Nanopoulos, discussed String Theory (1991).
    • Professor John Lienhard, creator of the radio program “Engines of our Ingenuity,” examined the impact of Plato and Aristotle on Western thiking (1993).
    • Professor Mary Lefkowitz, discussed her book “Not Out of Africa,” rebuking the the “Black Athena” view on Greek Civilization (1998).
    • Professor Michael Economides, presented his book “The Color of Oil” (1999).
    • “A Celebration of Greek Food and Wine” by Diane Kochilas, food critic and author of the book “The Glorious Foods of Greece” (2002)

Archaeology Lectures

HPST and the Friends of Archeology at St. Thomas go back quite a while in organizing these excellent lectures. Below is a partial list of the most memorable ones:

    • Professor C. Doumas, University of Athens, lectured about the “Cycladic Islands in Prehistory” (1992).
    • Dr. Tassos Tanoulas, architect in charge of the preservation of Propylea of Acropolis, spoke about “The Propylea and their Restoration” (1993).
    • Dr. John Killen, Cambridge University, “Mycenian Feasts and Sacrifices: the Linear B Evidence” (1995).
    • Dr. Suzanne Murray, University of South Florida, gave a presentation on the “Bronze Age Paintings of Greece” (2000).
    • Dr. Kathleen M. Lynch, University of Cincinnati, “At Home in Archaic Athens” (2004).

Lectures by our Own

HPST is an organization with a diverse membership which includes educators, businessmen, doctors, artists, and business owners, among others.  It is not uncommon to tap into that talent pool and have members exchange knowledge and information. Below is a sample of such activity:

    • Byzantine Iconography, – Dan Cassis
    • “Painting” lectures on the reflection of Greece – Professor Basil Poulos
    • “Language: a journey of the Greek Language through the Ages – Dr. Alexander Kalamarides.
    • “Stages in Professional Career Development” – Phil Mavromatis.
    • “The Origins and Structure of Neo-Byzantine Chant – Dr. George Stefanidakis.
    • “Palamas: A Dominant Force in Modern Greek Letters” at the Rothko Byzantine Chapel –  Alexander Kalamarides, Dimitrios  Varvarezos, Katerina Kontogeorgaki. (2009)
    • “University of St Louis’ Iklaina Archaeological Project in Pylos,
      Greece, an excavation at a late Bronze Age Mycenaean site” – Brooke Katherine 
      Youngblood , 2009 HPST Scholarship recipient (2010).
    • “A Walk Through the Garden of Contemporary Greek Poetry” – Alexander Kalamarides, Dimitrios  Varvarezos, Katerina Kontogeorgaki. (2011)
    • “Healthy Mediterranean Diet” – Dr. Lambros Sidosis. (2012)
    • “Sailing the Artist’s Sea: the Mediterranean Seascape in Modern & Contemporary Greek Art” by Dr. Anna Tahinci (2012)
    • “Love, Relationships and Spirituality” – Dr. George Vroulis. (2014)


    • Piano recital by Denos Gianopoulos (1975).
    • “An Evening of Classical and Greek Song” at the Cullen Hall of University of St Thomas – Performance by Stella Zambalis, mezzo-soprano and Christopher Trakas, baritone (1982)
    • “Scholarly Analysis of Greek Folk Music and Dance” at Rice University Hamman Hall, by Dr. Sotirios Chianis, Ethnomusocologist and Chairman of the Music Department at the State University of New York (1987).
    • “Karagiozis Shadow Theater”  – script by G Magazis, performed by HPST members (1987).
    • “An Evening with Leonidas” – Concert by violonist Leonidas Kavakos (1991).
    • Oratorio on the epic poem by Odysseas Elytis “Heroic and Elegiac Song for the Lost Second Lieutenant of the Albanian Campaign” composed by Dr. George Blytas (1991 & 1995).
    • Theater: “Η Θεμις Εχει Κεφια” – Satyrical short plays by Dimitris Psathas (2011).
    • Theater: “Match Made in Hellas: Σολων και Λουκας” – Five one-act, thought provoking satyrical plays by Kostas Mourselas and Nikos Perelis (2013).

 Miscellaneous Events & Activities

    • Book ClubReviewing the works of contemporary Greek authors.
    • Charity Events
    • Folk DancingFormed the Hellenic Folk Dancing Group of Houston, which participated in numerous Houston International Festivals and other Greek and international celebrations. 
    • Hosting Greek Dignitaries – Hon. Menelas Alexandrakis (first official visit of a Greek Ambassador in Houston – 1975), Mrs. Margarita Papandreou & Mr. K. Papoulias (1982), Hon. Andreas Iakovidis (Ambassador of Cyprus), Hon. Lefteris Anghelopoulos (first Consul of Greece in Houston -1989).
    • Facebook Page (created in 2010).
    • National Day Celebrations 
    • Movie PresentationsΠολιτικη Κουζινα (A Touch of Spice), Νυφες, Λουφα και Παραλλαγη, El Greco.
    • Poetry EveningsA great number of poets were showcased over the years, including Seferis, Ritsos, Cavafy, Palamas, Karyotakis, Kavvadias, Sikelianos, and Solomos, among others.
    • PublicationsΕλλας η Χωρα των Ονειρων, Χριστουγενιατικες Παραδοσεις και Μνημες, Greek Dancing Through the Centuries.
    • Social EventsApokriatiko Glendi, Easter Picnic, Christmas Party, Wine Tasting and Culinary Evenings.

 Note: this page is under construction. Please help us make it whole. If you know of any noteworthy events that were inadvertently left out or facts misstated, please contact us and help us fix the problem. Provide the name, presenter and date of the event. THANK YOU! 


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